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We Offers A Wide Variety Of LED Corn Bulbs to meet your every need.

LED Corn Bulbs lights from Wandan Lighting-best LED Corn Bulbs light manufacturer and supplier in China, we are absorbed in manufacturing LED Corn Bulbs lighting over ten years. We have rich experience to produce high quality LED Corn Bulbs lamp. We used MEAN WELL, Philips LED driver and OSRAM, Philips, Nichia LED chips on the LED street lights.Our LED corn light factory has passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality certification management system. We offer 5years warranty for our LED Corn Bulbs. Contact us to become our LED Corn light wholesale and distributor, we will offer you the best LED Corn Bulbs light lamp and smart LED Corn lighting system service.

LED Corn Bulbs Light

Wandan Lighting specialist offers a wide variety of LED Corn Bulbs Lights to meet your every need.

LED corn bulbs are a type of LED light bulb that is designed to look like a corn cob. They are also sometimes called corn lamps or corn lights. These bulbs are used as a replacement for traditional HID, HPS, and CFL lamps in commercial and industrial settings, as well as in outdoor and residential applications.

Because the maximum light-emitting angle of led is 120 degrees, considering the uniformity of light emission, it is specially designed to emit light at 360 degrees.The corn bulb consists of many small LED chips that are arranged in rows on a cylindrical body, resembling the kernels on a corn cob. The LED chips are usually made using advanced semiconductor technology, and they emit bright and efficient light. LED corn bulbs are typically available in a variety of wattages, lumen outputs, and color temperatures, making them suitable for a wide range of lighting applications,the led corn bulbs body is small and compact, suitable for common lamp holders (E27 lamp holder, B22 lamp holder, E14 lamp holder,E40 lamp holder), easy to install; fashionable in style, excellent in workmanship, serialized in products, fully exerting energy saving and environmental protection of LED light sources, and does not generate any waste..

LED corn bulbs are designed to provide high-quality, energy-efficient lighting while consuming less electricity than traditional lighting sources. They offer several benefits over traditional light sources, including longer lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, and lower energy consumption. In order to better solve the problem of heat dissipation, a corn lamp with an all-aluminum lamp body has been developed. The lamp body is made of aluminum, and the aluminum substrate is added. It can solve the heat dissipation problem very well, thereby increasing the life of the lamp.LED corn lights are suitable for indoor lighting of all homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, high ceilings, etc. The high power LED Corn bulbs are ideal lamps for high/low bay light, garage light, post top light, wall pack light, acorn light, pendant light, flood light.

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Wandan Lighting specialist offers a wide variety of LED Corn Bulbs Lights to meet your every need.

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Wandan Lighting specialist offers a wide variety of LED Corn Bulbs Lights to meet your every need.

LED Corn Bulbs Lights Buy guide

Wandan Lighting specialist offers a wide variety of LED Corn Bulbs Lights to meet your every need.
What Lamps can be Replaced by LED Corn Bulbs?

Compared with traditional lamps, 360° (omnidirectional) beam angle traditional lights have compact fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, candle lamps, etc.

Lamp bases of these traditional lamps are E14, E26, E27, B22, E39, E40 and G24. Among them, E14 is a small lamp base (mainly used in candle lights).

E26, E27, B22 are medium base (mainly used in incandescent lights and compact fluorescent lamps). E39 and E40 are mogul base (mainly used in metal halide lights and high-pressure sodium lights).

G24 is a plug-in form (mainly used in fluorescent lights).

LED corn light bulb lamps have all features about compact fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, candle lamps, etc.

So LED corn bulbs lamps are retrofit LED sunlight bulbs designed to replace the above traditional old bulbs.

About LED chips of LED Corn Light

LED corn bulbs manufacturer will use 3014, 3528, 2835, 5630 or 5730 SMD LED chips.

Our LED corn light factory use high brightness LED chips, so our LED corn lamps standard lumen output is 130lm/W.

If you need a high-end version LED corn bulbs, its lumen output can be up to 170lm/W.

Color rendering index over 80ra makes the light closer to sunlight light. It is best sun lamp bulb for eyes.

 About LED heat sinks of LED Corn Light

The LED corn light radiators can be made of different materials, such as plastic, glass, die-cast aluminum, extruded aluminum, and scaled fins.

The power of a all-plastic-radiator LED corn COB bulb can be 3 to 15 watt. The glass LED corn light bulbs power is 3 to 32W. If the aluminum sheet is added in the glass heat sink, the maximum wattage of the LED bulb can reach 50W. The power of die-casting-aluminum LED corn bulbs is 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W.

The extruded aluminum one can be produced 80W, 100W, 120W and 150W LED corn bulb. And the scale radiator can be 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W LED corn lamp. If adding a fan, the LED bulbs wattage can up to 250 watt.

In some applications, E40 and E39 LED bulbs have to add fans. For an example, as street light bulb use in street light to replace HPS with LED corn COB lights.

To replace the small sodium light fixtures in the small space, the corn lamp size must be small. But the heat dissipation of the radiator alone cannot meet the demand of the high-power corn lamp.

There are only two ways to change the heat dissipation conditions:

  1. Increase the volume of the radiator
  2. Add a system that accelerates air convection.

Due to the small space, it is impossible to increase the volume of the radiator. So we have to increase the fan to accelerate the air convection heat dissipation.

We must ensure that the LED chips have sufficient heat dissipation system, otherwise the temperature will be too high and it will easily burn the LED chips and affect the life of the LED bulb.

Where are the LED Corn Lights Used?

LED corn bulbs are widely used, such as high bay fixture in warehouses, low bay fixtures in various production workshops, outdoor parking lots lights, highway street lights, commercial street lights, downlight installations in various shopping malls and offices, courtyards and parks.

As long as the lamp base matches the LED corn lamp holder, the LED corn light bulbs can be used if it is the right size for you.

What Materials are the LED Corn Lights Made of?

LED corn bulbs generally include LED drivers, LED chips and LED radiators.

About LED drivers of LED Corn Light

For LED corn bulbs with a power less than 60W, the LED driver only needs to be filled with thermal paste.

While the high-power LED corn lights’ LED driver is more complicated. We have to consider LED drivers heat dissipation.

When the power supply is overheated, we will reduce the output power of the LED drivers by 20% to achieve the purpose of reducing heat, and will not turn off the LED corn lamp.

When the temperature returns to normal, the LED driver output becomes normal. It can well protect the power supply from overheating and damage.

Driver of E39/E40 LED lamp over 80W, many with an output voltage of 12V to drive the fan to reduce the temperature of LED corn bulb radiator.

Surge protection devices are applied to each LED corn light driver. It can protect the LED driver from the external surge voltage surge, and make the LED bulb have a longer service life.

What is the Working Voltage of LED Corn Light?

The normal working voltage of LED corn bulb is AC100-277V or AC85-265V, which meets the requirements of North America and Japan is AC100-120V and other countries is AC220-240V.

A few 480V LED corn cobs are used in special industrial bulb or street lamp bulb. Solar street light system or home solar lighting system use 12V or 24V corn lamp.

What You Need to Pay Attention to When Buying LED Corn Lamps?
  1. You need to figure out what lamp base you need, E14 lamp holder, E26 (used in North America)/E27 medium base, E39 (used in North America)/E40 mogul base or G24 lamp base.
  2. You need to choose the suitable color temperature. The color temperature options on the market are generally 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.You can choose a warmer color temperature 2700K or 3000K in the bedroom, and 5000K color temperature using in the office or shopping mall, which can make people pay more attention.
  3. The choice of LED corn lights power is also important. The brightness should be as the same as the original lamp.

Now the LED bulb lumen output is above 80lm/W. Our factory standard output is 130lm/W, and the highest one can reach 170lm/W.

Incandescent lamp lumen output is about 10lm/W. Metal halide lamp lumen output is about 70lm/W. High-pressure sodium lamp lumen output is about 75lm/W. Fluorescent lamp lumen output is about 40lm/W.

High intensity discharge lamp lumen output is about 70lm/W W. You can compare the luminous flux standards of the above lamps, and then choose the LED corn bulb power you need.