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Wandan Lighting Inc. is an industry-leading led lamps accessory and led light parts supplier. We offer a wide variety of products in our led light parts supply shop – various grades, sizes, gauges, and more. Additionally, our in-house value-add services allow your led light parts to be customized before it’s assembly.Browse our Lamps Parts And Kits list below to get started.

  • LED Housing
  • LED Cover
  • LED Power Supply
  • Socket
  • Power Supply Box
  • LED Connector
  • Waterproof joint
  • Wiring
  • Aluminum Reflector
  • PCB
  • Lens
  • Mounting bracket

Lamps Parts And Kits

Wandan Lighting specialist offers a wide variety of Lamps Parts And Kits to meet your every need.

Light parts refer to the various components that make up a light fixture or lighting system. These parts may include bulbs, sockets, wiring, reflectors, lenses, mounting hardware, and other components that are necessary for the fixture to function properly.The specific parts that are used in a light fixture will depend on the type of fixture and the intended use. For example, a ceiling light fixture may include a housing, socket, wiring, reflector, and lens, while a desk lamp may include a base, adjustable arm, socket, wiring, and shade.Light parts may also vary based on the type of light source being used, such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, or LED chips. Each type of light source may require specific components in order to operate safely and effectively.Proper selection and installation of light parts is important to ensure the safety and optimal performance of the light fixture. It is important to follow manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines when working with light parts.There are several parts that make up a typical light fixture, including:

  1. Housing: The housing is the outer casing of the light fixture. It may be made of metal, plastic, glass, or other materials and serves to protect the internal components from damage and provide a mounting surface.
  2. Socket: The socket is the part of the fixture that holds the light bulb or other light source in place. It may be made of metal or plastic and is typically designed to fit a specific type of bulb or lamp.
  3. Wiring: The wiring connects the light source to the electrical circuit and may include a variety of components such as wires, connectors, and switches.
  4. Reflector: The reflector is a component that helps to direct and focus the light from the light source. It may be made of metal, plastic, or glass and may be shaped in various ways to achieve different lighting effects.
  5. Lens: The lens is a transparent or translucent component that covers the light source and helps to diffuse or soften the light. It may be made of glass, plastic, or other materials and may be clear, frosted, or colored.
  6. Mounting bracket: The mounting bracket is the part of the fixture that attaches it to the ceiling, wall, or other surface. It may be designed for flush or surface mounting and may include screws or other hardware for installation.
  7. Decorative elements: Some light fixtures may also include decorative elements such as shades, finials, or trim. These components may serve to enhance the aesthetic of the fixture and complement the style of the space.

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Wandan Lighting specialist offers a wide variety of LED Light Parts And Kits to meet your every need.