Wandan® Lighting has built a reputation for delivering top-quality LED light fixtures at competitive prices. Wandan offers you an extensive range of Industrial & Commercial lighting products with a wide variety of lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor use.Free Quote!


Each 80w-150w Plug-In Mobile Emergency Portable Working Light bead works independently to avoid damage to a single LED that affects normal use

60w-480w E27/E40 Disk Fin LED Corn Lights Special circuit design, single LED works independently, avoiding the problem of single lamp bead damage and the ...

E27 Screw Household 200W Bulb Light Preferred polycarbonate PC material, with a light transmittance of up to 92%, releases the potential of dual-core LED

Wandan Lighting RS1 series of new first patented High Power LED Bulb Light, counterfeiting must be investigated!!!

Manufacturer of LED Canopy Light for irports,docks, large theater-S,warehouses,gas stations,shopping malls, heavy industry plants,stadiums, etc. and industrial ...

Manufacturer of Symmetrical &Asymmetrical Ultra Slim Floodlights. Available in 80 to 200 W power supply and 12000 to 30000 lumens. Features vary depending upon ...