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Heat Pipe LED High Bay Light With Osram 3030 Chips

Heat Pipe LED Light

  • Product model: WD-GK-MYB
  • Product power: 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 250W
  • Price advantage: source manufacturers, factory direct sales
  • Quality assurance: independent research and development, patent protection
  • Product certification: 3C, CE, UL, etc.
  • Technical support: free customized lighting design
  • Applicable places: It is specially designed for factory lighting, and can be widely used in high-bay factories, workshops, warehouses, logistics center exhibition halls, gymnasiums, shipyard toll stations, gas stations, Machang Wuluo supermarkets, farmers’ markets and other places that need lighting place.

Wandan LED Product Details

  • The transparent PC lampshade has high light transmittance, flame retardant and wear-resistant, and has strong oxidation resistance. It is equipped with a silicone gasket to prevent dust from intruding.
  • High-quality patch-type LED lamp beads, double-wire dust-free and anti-static packaging, wide irradiation area, uniform light color without glare, and good light source stability
  • Using high refractive index flake-type luminous cover, scale-type design and anodized surface treatment, the optical diffuse reflection effect produced is more reasonable, corrosion-resistant, and the illumination of the light source is wide, which is 200% higher than that of the frosted reflector.
  • Using heat pipe riveting technology, equipped with 24 pieces of ultra-thick aluminum cold forged aluminum tube heat dissipation module + copper HID heat conduction system; the heat generated by the light source is conducted to the building heat sink through the heat pipe, and the heat dissipation speed and heat dissipation efficiency of the lamp body are More than 200% pure aluminum heat dissipation radiator, high heat dissipation efficiency.
  • Industrial-grade multiple explosion-proof drive power box cover, high-purity die-casting aluminum, the surface has passed anodic oxidation process to achieve IP65 waterproof and dustproof function while preventing oil pollution
  • Good color rendering, various light colors are optional, can meet the needs of different environments, and reduce the high color temperature of traditional lamps
  • Optical-grade PVC lens, uniform light emission, suitable for human eyes, light output efficiency up to 95%, no glare, high uniformity, reaching above 0.5
  • The heat pipe riveting technology is used to conduct the heat generated by the light source to the modular heat sink through the high-efficiency heat pipe; the grid column heat dissipation structure design is adopted, the base plate is in close contact with the light source, and the innovative grid column air convection heat dissipation design provides excellent heat dissipation The speed is fast, the performance is stable, and the service life of the lamp is extended.
  • The shell of the lamp is made of aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity, which has the effect of heat conduction and fast heat dissipation, and the surface is treated with anodic oxidation and anticorrosion.
Technology DataAttention
【Product number】WD-GK-MY-B50WD-GK-MY-B100WD-GK-MY-B150
【Product wattage】100W150W200W
【size】Diameter 500*height 485mm Diameter 500*height 503mm Diameter 500* height 543mm 
【Color temperature】3000K-6500K3000K-6500K3000K-6500K
【Irradiation angle】60°/90°/120°60°/90°/120°60°/90°/120°
【Power Solution】Isolated constant current driveIsolated constant current driveIsolated constant current drive
【chip】Epistar Taiwan/PuriEpistar Taiwan/PuriEpistar Taiwan/Puri
【Service life】50000 hours50000 hours50000 hours
【Protection level】IP65IP65IP65
【Installation method】Chains/BoomsChains/BoomsChains/Booms
【Certification level】3C certification3C certification3C certification
【Warranty】3 years3 years3 years
【Product number】WD-GK-MY-B200WD-GK-MY-B250More
【Product wattage】250W300W
【size】Diameter 500*height 520mm Diameter 500*height 560mm 
【Color temperature】3000K-6500K3000K-6500K
【Irradiation angle】60°/90°/120°60°/90°/120°
【Power Solution】Isolated constant current driveIsolated constant current drive
【chip】Epistar Taiwan/PuriEpistar Taiwan/Puri
【Service life】50000 hours50000 hours
【Protection level】IP65IP65
【Installation method】Chains/BoomsChains/Booms
【Certification level】3C certification3C certification
【Warranty】3 years3 years
  • Product working voltage is AC100~277V,50/60Hz,Please do not exceed the working voltage range.
  • The lamp cannot be used in violation of any fire regulations.
  • Input product line, brown is “L”,  blue is “N”, yellow-green is GND.
  • Be sure wiring is closed and prevent leakage when installing.
  • Be sure to disconnect power before installing, don’t construction with electricity.

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Product Certified
Product Certified
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Cooperate Partner
High Power LED Light Production Process
High Power LED Light Production Process